Sunday, October 4, 2009

Redskins New Name?

So I have read several articles on the issue of the team name Redskins. So what exactly is a Redskin? Well according to Wikipedia "Redskin" is a racial descriptor for Native Americans and one of the color metaphors for race used in North America and Europe since European colonization of America. So how do I feel on this issue? I think that it can go both ways. It has been around for ever and I haven't heard about many people speaking up about it. So I actually have no feelings on this one. I am trying to look at it from both ways but I just don't see it. I guess that I do not feel bad about it because I had always thought of the term "Redskin" as a team name and not a racial term. I am not a horrible person because I do not feel bad I just don't care.

The assignment is to redo the team Redskin's name and mascot. So I went through generators to cheat but then I thought about it. What represents Maryland? We have Orioles, Ravens, Capitals, Wizards... I wanted to use a bird like a native bird to the state but there are so many. Goshowks sounded cool but at the same time it could be misinterpreted as the Philly Eagles. So I stayed away from birds. With the power of Google I found a Hellbender. Sounds cool, don't it? A Hellbender is large salamander or a reckless/ head strong  person. I am not bashing any social groups, or races. That is why my mother raised us on animals instead of Barbie... but that is another story. Without futher ado my Redskin Design.