Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I animated this for my animation class. It was challenging, but I made it through.

Intro Activity

So for this particular class were are to show our advancements in visual communication. So as our first assignment was to tell about ourselves. So us being computer graphic majors sounds easy. Just take some silly photos of myself and some gradients and call it a day. Wrong! This thing is to be a 3D object that displays our outsides and true insides. Not organs. So I constructed a paper mache egg. It has words that describe me of what people may assume on the outside, and inspirational quotes on the inside.
"Your silence tells me all I need to know,
And in the dark of night I see your glow,
Your magic moves me when I need to grow,
Walking me into a peaceful flow,
Now the golden light I see surrounding me,
Nourish the barrows when you came to me.
- Samantha James - Come Trhough
When I put a light inside of it the better side of me glows.

I think I was succesful